Our mission / vision

Our mission 

The mission of de Wereldwijzer is to provide students with result-oriented education in Dutch as Second Language (NT2), in a safe, respectful and challenging environment, based on the equivalence of all philosophical and social beliefs. 

De Wereldwijzer is a school with a friendly, open and respectful climate. In addition to much attention to NT2 education, the guidance of social-emotional development is important within the school so that students feel competent to take the step towards further education. The school continues to acchieve a final result that matches the age of the student. 

Our vision 

We believe it's important that our school is a place where students like to come. A place where they feel safe and familiar so that they can be open to what we want to offer: education and guidance. In particular, by acquiring Dutch, promoting self-reliance and the guidance of social-emotional development, we want to ensure that students can make the transfer to regular education and get more opportunities to integrate into Dutch society. 
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