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De Wereldwijzer is a language school in Eindhoven. The students of De Wereldwijzer who meet the entry criteria come from all the districts of Eindhoven.

At any time in the school year, it is possible for your child to start at our school. To do this, you can make an appointment with the director. You can contact the director by phone or by filling in the form.

Your child is eligible for placement if he or she: 

  • has the age of 5 to 11,5 years (Besides children ages 5 to 11,5, do you have a 4-year-old child? If so, he/she is also welcome!)​; 
  • comes directly from abroad;
  • is shorter than 1 year in the Netherlands and speaks hardly Dutch. 

During the intake interview you should be able to produce the following: 

  • confirmation of receipt of a request for registration in the town base administration; 
  • registration in the Basic Registration Persons (BRP), in the form of a personal list; 
  • passports or residence documents of the parents and the pupil. 

To download the contact form click here.
Save the document to your computer and mail the completed form to

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